Essie Fall 2013 Nail Polish Colors. For The Twill Of It Collection

A leader in luxury, Essie is the authority in color since 1981. It’s visionary approach to nail lacquer is beloved everywhere and it’s the go-to nail polish brand for beauty professional, industry insiders, celebrities and women is style.


The Essie Fall 2013 Nail Polish collection is inspired in the richness of textures of the fall runways: fluid cashmeres, heavy flannels, silk chiffons, languid knits, warm woolens and elegant laces. But how did the Essie Fall 2013 Nail Polish collection manage to bottle the sensual allure of these textures and colors that are simply impossible to resist? “I love the idea of creating polish that’s like the proverbial boyfriend sweater“, says Essie Weingarten, “Creating nail color with warm and fuzzy feeling can be tricky, but when you get it right is like putting on your favorite sweater”. And she actually did, she managed to transfer the soft volumes and rich woolens to the Essie Fall 2013 Nail Polish collection, in the form of six seductive shades that beautifully tailor warmth.

Essie Fall 2013 Nail Polish Collection

Essie For the Twill of It – a compelling rich maple with reflective olive shimmer

Essie Afterschool Boy Blazer – the academy blue that’s the prep-school’s chic must have of the season

essie fall 2013 nail polish dark colors

Essie Twin Sweater Set – a vibrant crimson red

Essie Cashmere Bathrobe – a cuddly soft, true flannel gray

essie autumn 2013 nail polish collection colors: red and soft gray

Essie The Lace is On – glistering, jewel toned pearlescent fuchsia

Essie Vested Interest – tweedy, woolen cool, gray teal with a sartorial style

essie nail polish colors for autumn 2013

The Essie Fall 2013 Nail Polish is mandatory this fall and it’s considered the must-have accessory to any outfit. These rich, sumptuous, ultra-fine shades will set the pace of this year’s fall season! So choose the one that suits you and get out of the crowd! Lace is On, a toned pearlescent fuchsia, is going to set the tone for nail polish in the fall fashion season. It’s the perfect pop of color to any outfit. The After School Boy Blazer, the prefect deep midnight blue, is the coolest Essie Fall 2013 Nail Polish you can choose, while the Twin Sweater Set, a vibrant crimson red, is the poshest.

While some have a Vested Interest in the pursuit of style, in a cool grey teal shade, other dress just for The Twill of It, in a medium brown shade with reflective green shimmer, and then there are those who simply want to put on a cuddly Cashmere Bathrobe, in a true flannel gray shade, and call it a day. The Essie Fall 2013 Nail Polish collection will be available in August in beauty destinations worldwide. More info on

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