Hairstyles when Growing Out a Pixie Cut

Sooner or later you will find yourself bored of your pixie cut. You’ll feel the need to let your hair grow out and you’ll get tired of looking for clothes that suit your short hairdo. Matching your outfit and makeup to your pixie cut, without creating an overly masculine image, requires a lot of effort and can make you wish for a more feminine hairstyle. So, what does growing out a pixie cut mean? Well, prepare yourself to live with awkward hair for at least six months! But don’t get discouraged; follow our practical ideas for the transition period below to survive growing out a pixie cut!

photo with Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson's hairstyle after a pixie haircut

Hair grows about 1, 5 cm per month. If you decide to let your hair grow out shoulder length prepare yourself for a 20 month wait period. You will also need a good and creative stylist to motivate you with a smart haircut. Another prerequisite in growing out a pixie cut is to change the way you look at hair care.

Winona Ryder's stylish way of transition from short hair to long hair

When you are growing out a pixie cut you usually start from a boyish haircut with slightly longer hair on the crown and a rounded hairline at the back. You should keep in mind that the length from the back should always be adapted to the length in the front. Otherwise, you might wake up with a mullet (longer hair in the back, often ridiculed).

Emily Browning's hairstyle when growing out a pixie cut

Nevertheless, the pixie cut is a good starting point, because the layered cut will look casual at any length. You should take care of split ends of course, to avoid a bulging look in the ear area. Short hair requires little care, but as soon as you start growing out a pixie cut you will have to start paying more attention. Use conditioner every time you wash your hair, on the entire length. As soon as you notice split ends, cut around 1 cm and treat the rest with a hair tonic every 3 washes.

Tip: Many celebrities use hair extensions to get richer and longer hairstyles. Until your reach the desired length you can use this trick. Try attachable strands with staples.

Hairstyles for Growing Out a Pixie Cut

Take example from celebrities like Winona Ryder. She used elegant headbands throughout her transition period from a pixie cut. Avoid cotton headbands, they won’t give you the same effect, instead they will give the impression that you forgot to take them off when you left the house in haste.

Lena Dunham growing out a short pixie haircut

Carey Mulligan is another good example; she used updos in her transition period. Tease your hair and pin it up with clips. Use a lot of hairspray to keep this hairstyle in order.

Carey Mulligan growing out a short pixie haircut

And last, but not least, Ashlee Simpson. She is the perfect example for growing out a pixie cut successfully. An important aspect is to keep the layers of the pixie cut, this way it will grow out nicely; you just need to have patience. Photo courtesy: yeshairstyles

Michelle Williams' transition from short to long haircut

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