What to Wear at a Concert? 32 Cute Concert Outfit Ideas

The attraction for good music usually goes hand in hand with a passion for fashion, and since the concert season is in full bloom, we decided to give you some ideas about the do’s and don’ts of the best concert outfit.

cool woven moto jacket outfit vs a floral printed dress suede combined with ankle boots and a floppy hat

a nice original concert outfit: printed tunic with nude sandals

oversized striped shirt and chic look baggy printed trousers

At a concert you are usually tempted to choose between a boho chic festival look with ethno elements and a punk rebel look with a washed, torn and over worn denim component. For summer 2013 you can actually allow yourself some color excess in your concert outfit, like pink, blue and orange pieces, basically vivid and optimistic colors, that give you a sexy allure. Top them off with funky accessories and you’re good to go.  Of course, a playful attitude and a tanned skin are the strengths of any cool concert look.

nice looking concert outfit ideas

summer dresses, the perfect day concert outfits

vibrant colors for summer 2013

colorful concert outfits combos


Your concert outfit should have two main features: to be super comfortable and very cool. Starting from this premise, you can confidently choose your favorite pair of shorts or a long skirt. Short jeans are cool and can be worn with casual tops, oversized shirts and t-shirts. A maxi skirt is comfortable and it allows free movement, dancing and most importantly sitting on grass. When it comes to shoes, opt for your favorite pair of sandals, sneakers or sport shoes. Accessories can transform any concert outfit, so don’t leave them at home: sunglasses, hats and unusual jewelry are a must. Photo courtesy: fabsugar

black and white for 2013's summer


We will start with heels: they don’t make any sense at a concert where you’re supposed to go dancing, maybe if you have Carrie Bradshaw abilities, but remember that even she fell once. Short skirts should also be cut from the list, you’ll want to sit at some point, on grass, on a border, and it’s pointless to put yourself trough that in a small skirt. Long jeans should be avoided because of the heat along with precious fabrics that can be easily torn or easily stained. Stick with the basics.

chic looking cutout white dress for this year's summer

polka dots are forever

hot look with boyfriend's jeans

The essentials for any memorable concert outfit are:

Jeans – shorts, they must have a great design according to your silhouette. Try gradient colors and ripped effects.

Printed t-shirts – the favorite piece for summer. The best suggestion: choose a white shirt with a unique print in blue, pink or yellow.

Fantasy bracelets – the perfect accessory. Play with them to reconfigure your look or to reinterpret the “out of style” pieces from your wardrobe.

Hoodie – this piece of clothing can be perfectly integrated into any super cool concert outfit. Suggestion: choose one made of cotton.

Comfortable shoes – choose flat sandals with prints, colorful details or stripes to complete your concert outfit look.

The 90's trend is back: leather shorts vs sequined embroidered shorts

gorgeous ethereal white maxi dress vs a printed fit and flare

And last, when it comes to cool details in your concert outfit choose any prints, fringes, embroideries, metal or leather inserts, statement accessories, straw hats, sunglasses and lots of personality and joy.

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